I ‘ve got to keep running the course,
I’ve got to keep running and win at all costs,
I’ve got to keep going, be strong,
Must be so determined and push myself on.
~ Iron Maiden – The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

I align the word logos with grit after capturing a High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)  graduation. HiSET replaced the  General Education Development (GED) exam. These exams are an alternative to the US High school diploma.

The graduates self-control and fortitude  to pass the exam would make Zeno of Citiumno smile.

I am in awe of the graduates who were able to break Sisyphus curse. Each graduate expressed an interest in helping people in a similar loop.

The keynote speaker was a recent graduate. He talked about the rough patches in his life that forced him to take a scenic route in personal growth and how receiving his HiSET certificate helped him find his true North.

No different than running a marathon, the HiSET requires perseverance and passion to conquer. I look forward to learning how the graduates utilize their gifts from Minerva.

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